Homes for Autism
Homes for Autism focuses its mission on the question, “What happens to children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder when they grow up?” While nearly all of the funds currently allocated to autism either support research or services for children, these children will eventually grow up and possibly outgrow or outlive their families’ caretaking abilities. Homes for Autism’s name instantly conveys our commitment and mission to provide housing for adults with ASD.

Who We Are
Homes for Autism owns homes in Southeastern Michigan in order to provide independent living to adults with autistic challenges, while working in a coordinated effort with support programs available to these adults to provide peace of mind to their families. Homes for Autism provides initial down payments and becomes financial partners with families to help with both unexpected and expected annual maintenance needs. There is no situation too difficult for Homes for Autism, making them a unique resource in the State of Michigan. To learn more about Homes for Autism and their offered support services, please visit

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