Registration Forms – Homes for Autism’s Charity Walk


  1. Go to the 2015 Walk for Autism Crowdrise page and select the SET UP YOUR FUNDRAISER button, and then select START A NEW FUNDRAISER.
  2. Enter your FUNDRAISER TITLE, and this will automatically fill in the PICK A URL (which is the link you will share to promote your fundraising page).
  3. Set your Fundraising Goal, write a Mini Summary about you/your team, provide some information About Your Fundraiser, and enter ROYAL OAK, MI as your Fundraiser Location.
  4. Click on SUBMIT.
  5. You will now see a page set up for the FUNDRAISER TITLE that you entered, and it will be linked to the 2015 Walk For Autism event (listed under the non-profit PHEASANT RING).
  6. Once you’ve set up the fundraiser page, you can VIEW FUNDRAISER, EDIT FUNDRAISER, MANAGE CAMPAIGN, and MANAGE TEAM from the Team Fundraiser page.
  7. You can invite others to join your team by going to the MANAGE TEAM tab at the top of the team page, and click on the INVITE TEAM MEMBERS button.
  8. Email/share the link to your fundraising page to invite others to join your team or donate to your fundraiser.

Each participant will need to complete a Waiver Form.



Individuals can collect monetary donations or checks, but please use this pledge form to track your collected pledges for tax purposes. All checks should be made payable to “Homes for Autism.” For the purposes of tracking team fundraising, funds can be mailed to Homes for Autism at Homes for Autism, P.O. Box 904, Birmingham, MI 48012. Please be sure to clearly identify the team name and(or) individual associated with the mailed pledges, along with contact information to ensure the appropriate parties receive credit for the amount of money raised.


Online donations can be made through your team fundraising or individual fundraising page, or the 2015 Walk for Autism event page on Crowdrise.


Over 1,000 companies participate in matching gift programs. Often, through these programs, your gift can double though your employer’s “matching” gift. If you confirm that your employer has a matching gift program and you would like to make this type of gift, please mail the matching gift form provided by your human resources department with your gift. As would be expected, the team or individual associated with the donation will receive credit for the full, match-included gift amount.


In order to ensure the success of our Homes for Autism’s Charity Walk and, more importantly, the charitable support we provide to our community, we respectfully ask for everyone’s understanding of participant fundraising commitments.

The recommended average-per-person fundraising amount is $100 or more; we certainly encourage and appreciate additional funds raised above-and-beyond! The more funds we can collectively raise, the more we can do for our community! Due to committed event costs, there is a minimum required fundraising amount of $40 per event participant in order to gain entrance into the Detroit Zoo and join the walk.

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